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Three Tips For Protecting Your Neck From UV Ray Damage In Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments


If you've got a lot of unwanted hair on your neck, spending a little money upfront and getting a few laser hair removal treatments is a much more attractive alternative to constantly shaving it off. Since energy from the hair removal laser will get thrown off by excess melanin in the skin caused by UV rays, it's important to keep your neck away from direct sunlight exposure in between treatments. If you're not sure how to protect your neck, consider using one or more of these three tips.

Wear A Scarf Or Kerchief While You're Driving

UV rays can penetrate your car windows almost effortlessly. Even if you don't feel very hot because your car's AC system is working properly, sunlight is doing just as much damage to your skin as it would if you were walking down the road.

If you have to spend a lot of time in the car no matter what, lessen the burden on your neck by wearing a small scarf or kerchief during the day. If you don't like how it looks, you can always take it off when you get out of the car to meet people.

Try To Stay Inside For A Few Hours After Laser Treatment

In the first few hours after a laser treatment, your skin will be sore, red, and more sensitive than usual. If you don't want these symptoms to continue for longer than they have to, avoid the onslaught of UV rays by staying inside as much as you can until your skin goes back to normal.

Preventing pain isn't the only reason to be careful. In fact, the extra sensitivity of your skin means that it'll be significantly easier to get a sunburn. Therefore, even if you don't suffer from skin discoloration over the course of a normal day, carelessness could still lead to problems in the immediate aftermath of a laser treatment.

Apply Some Sunscreen Even When It's Cloudy Outside

Remember that UV rays still come down from the sky during the day even when it's really cloudy outside. So if your dermatologist recommends that you regularly use sunscreen in between laser treatments, don't neglect what he or she says just because you won't get blinded by sunlight when you look up. Also, if you have to be outside for a long time and a light rain shower washes away most of the sunscreen on your neck, don't wait until the clouds clear up to apply a new coat.

For further advice on keeping your skin safe after a laser hair removal treatment, talk to companies like Gateway Dermatology PC.


16 December 2015