Improving My Skin Health

From the time I was a teenager to only a few years ago, I suffered with terrible skin. Some parts of my face were dry and flaky, while other sections were oily and covered in pimples. I wanted to fix my skin problems once and for all, which is why I made an appointment with a dermatologist a few years ago. After meeting with my skin doctor, he evaluated my skin and helped me to figure out what to do to fix the issue. My dermatologist helped me to overcome years of trouble with my skin, and I want everyone to know about my successes. Check out this website to see how a dermatologist might be able to help you.

What To Expect After Skin Cancer Treatments


After you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you may have to have the skin cancer removed either by just having it scraped off and out of the skin or you may have had to have chemo treatments for your skin cancer or some other type of treatment. Once your treatment is over though, you may wonder what to expect. There may be some changes in your routine and in what you do daily. If you have had skin cancer treatments and want to know what to expect afterwards, read on for helpful information.

Expect Future Dermatology Exams

You should expect more dermatology exams in your future. You are going to need to go back in for checkups every few months to have the site inspected where you had your skin cancer, and you will have to have your skin looked over as well. If you have other moles, you should have them looked at often. The dermatologist will measure and keep track of these moles and look at other noticeable spots on your skin to check for any changes or anything that may indicate another skin cancer spot. You should make sure you get to these appointments to keep up with your skin health.

Expect Scarring

The area that you had to have removed from your skin may leave a scar, but a scar is much better than the alternative. This scarring may be bothersome to you if it's in a noticeable area, in which case, you may be able to talk to your dermatologist about having something done about this scar once you have healed from your skin cancer treatment.

Expect Skin Care Changes

You should be making changes in how you care for and protect your skin. If you are not caring for your skin properly or you are putting your skin at risk, you could end up with skin cancer again. You need to be sure you are not worshipping the sun any longer and wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 50 or more on your body anytime you are out in the sun. You should also be sure you are wearing clothing to protect your skin when you're in the sun. Wear a hat and sunglasses to help protect the delicate skin on your face from the sun's harmful rays. Remember that you should protect your skin no matter what season.

Skin cancer can be scary, but you need to be sure you have it checked out and treated properly by your dermatologist. Talk to a dermatologist about what else to expect after you have had skin cancer treatments.


12 November 2020