Improving My Skin Health

From the time I was a teenager to only a few years ago, I suffered with terrible skin. Some parts of my face were dry and flaky, while other sections were oily and covered in pimples. I wanted to fix my skin problems once and for all, which is why I made an appointment with a dermatologist a few years ago. After meeting with my skin doctor, he evaluated my skin and helped me to figure out what to do to fix the issue. My dermatologist helped me to overcome years of trouble with my skin, and I want everyone to know about my successes. Check out this website to see how a dermatologist might be able to help you.

3 Reasons To See A Dermatologist Regularly


A dermatologist is a great resource for anyone to take advantage of as he or she can help diagnose and treat a wide range of very serious health conditions. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to see a dermatologist regularly.

Fingernail Issues

An often overlooked reason to see a dermatologist is to deal with issues involving your fingernails. You should see your dermatologist to get help with fingernails that have caused the skin around them to become swollen or that have become discolored.

The reason for this is that issues with your fingernails can often be symptoms of more serious issues that need to be treated quickly. In many cases, fingernail discoloration or swelling can be a direct symptom of heart or liver disease.

Skin Growths

One of the most important reasons to see a dermatologist regularly is to have any newly developed or fluctuating skin growths checked for signs of skin cancer. Some of the most concerning skin growths will be ones that are about the size of pencil eraser or ones that frequently change in size. It is very important to have these growths checked out regularly as skin cancer can actually be treated quite easily, but only if you and your dermatologist manage to detect it as early as possible.

Cystic Acne

Finally, cystic acne is a good reason to see a dermatologist because it is often very resistant to most over-the-counter acne treating method. A cystic acne growth is a form of very painful acne that consists of a large and very red bump that is sensitive to the touch. One thing that can make cystic acne so difficult to deal with is that putting any pressure on the pimple can often drive the infection deeper, which can lead to the acne lingering for a very long time.

One way that a dermatologist can help you deal with cystic acne quickly is by resorting to a cortisone shot. A cortisone shot consists of injecting a steroid directly into a pimple in order to eliminate the infection and can often provide visible results in just a few hours.

Visit a local dermatologist today, like Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists of Moreno Valley, in order to discuss how he or she may be able to assist you with your skin condition today. A dermatologist can help you eliminate cystic acne quickly while also investigating skin growths and discolored fingernails in order to determine if you are at risk for a serious health condition.


6 April 2016