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From the time I was a teenager to only a few years ago, I suffered with terrible skin. Some parts of my face were dry and flaky, while other sections were oily and covered in pimples. I wanted to fix my skin problems once and for all, which is why I made an appointment with a dermatologist a few years ago. After meeting with my skin doctor, he evaluated my skin and helped me to figure out what to do to fix the issue. My dermatologist helped me to overcome years of trouble with my skin, and I want everyone to know about my successes. Check out this website to see how a dermatologist might be able to help you.

You Can't Start High School With A Zit! Two Little But Effective Ingredients To Rid Your Face Of Acne Before School Starts


Growing up is the pits, especially if it causes zits to pop up all over your face like daisies. With your first year in high school right around the corner, it's only natural to want your face clear and bright. Don't worry about buying every acne product known to man. Simply zap about those zits using one of the easiest and most effective acne treatments listed below and let your time in high school start off on a positive note.


Oranges have more uses than just eating. They are actually amazing for the overall health of your skin. This fruit is a natural astringent, which means they will dry out your zits without drying out your skin. Oranges are also a great source of vitamin C and citric acid, which removes harmful bacteria and excess oils that your skin is producing. On top of all of that, the vitamin C reduces the dead skin cells on your face and replaces them with healthy cells. The healthier your skin cells are, the brighter and clearer your skin will be.

Grate two orange peels into four tablespoons of water and mix it around until you have a thick paste. Apply the paste to your face and let is sit for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes has passed, remove the orange paste using a wet wash cloth. Once it's all removed, you can feel how smooth your skin is and it will be noticeably clearer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is going to be your best friend now that you are a teenager and your hormones are changing. Apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits and can be used for a wide range of things on your body. One of which is your ever changing skin. This ingredient will dry out your zits and keep them from spreading to other parts of your face. Apple cider vinegar aids in leveling out your pH balance, so it will be harder for bacteria to form on your face.

Using apple cider vinegar is also really easy to use. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in with three tablespoons of water. The water will dilute the vinegar, so it's not so harsh on your skin. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution to your face and let it sit overnight. When you wake up, rinse the solution off with a wet wash cloth. Your face will be clearer and brighter throughout the day.

Everyone has to grow up, but that doesn't mean you have to live with the side effects of it, especially when you are so close to starting the first day of high school. To give yourself a clear and bright complexion, use the recipes listed above. Your skin and high school pictures will thank you for it.

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30 June 2016