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3 Things You Shouldn't Do If You Get A Pimple Before A Big Event


If you are preparing for a big event, you probably want to make sure you look your best both for the big day and for the photos. If a pimple has seemingly grown overnight right before the event, you might be in a panic. It's certainly understandable to be a bit upset about a pimple that might have sprouted all of a sudden before something that you are looking forward to, but the worst thing you can do is panic. These are a few things you should not do if you get a pimple right before a big event.

1. Pick at It

Your first instinct might be to try to pop the pimple, and you might have a hard time preventing yourself from "picking at it" while wishing it would go away. However, picking at or popping your pimple can cause it to become inflamed or irritated, which can cause it to become bigger and redder. If you absolutely must attempt to pop it, do so with just one prick of a sharp, sterilized needle. If you aren't able to pop it then, leave it alone if you want to avoid making it worse.

2. Use Multiple Over-the-Counter Products

As a last-ditch attempt to correct the problem, the first thing that you might want to do is head to the local drugstore to arm yourself with acne fighting products. However, mixing and matching products can be a very bad idea. The chemicals in each product might not react well with one another, and the combination of multiple products might be too strong for your skin and might cause irritation or a rash. Dabbing a small amount of a spot treatment on your pimple might be a good idea, particularly if you have used the product before and know that you are not sensitive to it, but a better option is to see your dermatologist for suggestions.

3. Pile on the Makeup

If you can't get rid of your pimple right before your big event, it might seem natural to try to cover it up with makeup. However, piling on tons of concealer and foundation is generally only going to call more attention to the problem area. Instead, dot a small amount of green-tinted concealer to help counteract the redness, then apply your makeup as your normally would.

Dealing with a pimple before a big event can be a big pain, but if you avoid these three common mistakes, you can help prevent the problem from getting worse. Instead, consider scheduling a last-minute appointment with a dermatologist to find out more about your options.s


8 December 2016