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2 Tips For Eliminating Adult Acne Naturally


Adult acne is very common today, although it ranges in severity from one person to another. While there have been acne treatments available on drugstore shelves that can help adults control mild acne and treatments, dermatologists can prescribe medicines that help adults with moderate to severe acne. If you choose to live an all-natural lifestyle, then you may avoid acne products altogether and just "live" with your skin the way it is. Unfortunately, this may take a toll on your self-confidence and, if you don't treat your acne at all, you run the risk of developing pigmentation and scarring that lasts long after the acne "clears up on its own." 

Fortunately, there are two great all-natural ways you can eliminate adult acne, so read on to learn about them. 

1. Embrace Vitamins C and B-3

While you likely know that getting plenty of vitamins in your diet is good for your overall health, you may not know that applying the right ones topically can help you get rid of your acne. Two vitamins that are great acne-fighters when applied topically are vitamins C and B-3. Vitamin B-3 is also called niacinamide or nicotinamide, and when looking at the ingredient list of a skincare product, you will typically find it labeled as this alternative name.

It is a good idea to apply a facial serum that contains vitamin C after you cleanse your face in the morning, because it not only helps fight acne, but it also fights those free radicals your facial skin encounters throughout the day to help prevent sun damage and wrinkles, as well. Vitamin C serums are slightly acidic, and since acne bacteria thrives in an alkaline environment, you can kill acne bacteria with all-natural serum. 

Since applying a skincare product containing nicotinamide directly on top of one containing vitamin C can cause your skin to "flush," or redden, temporarily, you should apply a skincare product containing nicotinamide before bed at night to avoid this flushing. Look for a skin serum or lotion that contains about 4-percent nicotinamide, because this has been proven in studies to be as effective at fighting acne as topical antibiotics. 

2. Ask Your Dermatologist for Acne-Fighting Light Treatments

There is nothing more natural than light, and while using skincare products that contain vitamins every day can help clear mild acne, your dermatologist can provide light-based acne treatments in their office that can help you get rid of more stubborn acne. Many dermatologists offer blue light therapy in their offices, and to obtain this treatment, all you have to do is sit or lie down as a special blue light is projected at your face for a prescribed period of time. 

Blue LED light kills acne bacteria on your skin quickly, and it can penetrate deep into your skin's pores to kill this bacteria before it causes acne breakouts. While there are blue light devices on the market you can use at home, they are not as strong as the lights offered in dermatologists offices and can take much longer to clear acne or, depending on the severity of your acne, may not be strong enough to eliminate it completely. 

Other types of light therapy dermatologists use to treat acne include infrared light therapy, photodynamic therapy, and photopneumatic therapy. All are natural and your dermatologist will recommend the right light therapy for you based on the type of acne they determine you have and how quickly you would like to see results. 

If you suffer from adult acne but have just decided to "live with it," because you like to live an all-natural lifestyle, then realize that there are all-natural acne-fighting products you can use at home and dermatologists offer more intense, yet still all-natural, treatments in their offices to help clear acne more quickly. It is important to manage your acne now before you are later left with scarring that can be much more difficult to get rid of or even permanent. 


22 February 2017