3 Things You Shouldn't Do If You Get A Pimple Before A Big Event


If you are preparing for a big event, you probably want to make sure you look your best both for the big day and for the photos. If a pimple has seemingly grown overnight right before the event, you might be in a panic. It's certainly understandable to be a bit upset about a pimple that might have sprouted all of a sudden before something that you are looking forward to, but the worst thing you can do is panic.

8 December 2016

4 Ways Milk Can Be Effective As A Skin Treatment For Those With Acne


Seeing a dermatologist is important for those with moderate to severe acne. While prescription medication is probably the best way to improve the condition of sensitive skin that is prone to acne, that doesn't mean that homemade remedies can't go a long way in improving overall skin health. One substance readily found around the home that can show some great skin care benefits is milk. Using milk in homemade cleansers, masks, and moisturizers can allow patients with acne to see enormous improvements in the texture and clarity of their skin.

20 September 2016

You Can't Start High School With A Zit! Two Little But Effective Ingredients To Rid Your Face Of Acne Before School Starts


Growing up is the pits, especially if it causes zits to pop up all over your face like daisies. With your first year in high school right around the corner, it's only natural to want your face clear and bright. Don't worry about buying every acne product known to man. Simply zap about those zits using one of the easiest and most effective acne treatments listed below and let your time in high school start off on a positive note.

30 June 2016

Best Ways To Care For Your Skin To Avoid Skin Problems


The more effort you put in to keeping your skin healthy, the better you will look and feel. If you neglect your skin then it can lead to an array of issues, such as dry skin, acne, and even premature wrinkles. The information given to you below will provide you with tips on how to protect your skin and keep it properly clean and hydrated, so you can avoid a lot of future skin problems.

1 June 2016

3 Reasons To See A Dermatologist Regularly


A dermatologist is a great resource for anyone to take advantage of as he or she can help diagnose and treat a wide range of very serious health conditions. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to see a dermatologist regularly. Fingernail Issues An often overlooked reason to see a dermatologist is to deal with issues involving your fingernails. You should see your dermatologist to get help with fingernails that have caused the skin around them to become swollen or that have become discolored.

6 April 2016

Pediatric Acne Is Becoming More Common


Acne, a common skin problem usually associated with teens, is occurring more often in preadolescent children, including kids as young as age 7. Puberty brought on by a rise in hormones is the typical cause of teen acne. But with puberty starting in some children at younger ages, dermatologists are seeing more cases of early acne in both boys and girls. If acne is severe or negatively affecting your child's self-esteem, there is no need for him or her to suffer.

7 January 2016

4 Things You Need To Know About Phytophotodermatitis


Phytophotodermatitis is a distressing skin condition that occurs following contact with light-sensitizing substances in various plants and fruits and subsequent sun exposure. Here are four things you need to know about phytophotodermatitis.    What causes it? Phytophotodermatitis occurs when skin that has been exposed to light-sensitizing chemicals is later exposed to sunlight. When these chemicals are exposed to sunlight, a reaction occurs, which produces arachidonic acid. This acid damages or kills the cells that are in contact with the chemicals, which results in phytophotodermatitis.

3 January 2016